Stealing Sheep – MIF Festival Square, Manchester

Saturday 13th July, 2019

One of the ace bits about Manchester International Festival (MIF) is Festival Square. Bars, food stalls, a mini BBC radio studio and a tent for live music. Free live music most of the day and evening, every day the festival is on. My mate Kev was planning on coming down to see Stealing Sheep and as Tom and I had nothing else planned we thought it would be too good an opportunity to pass up.

The tent was welcome respite from the heat and although a decent sized crowd had built up it didn’t feel at all too busy. It was just right.

Stealing Sheep were such fun! Outrageous costumes, inflatable props, glitter, rainbows and bouncy beats. Their music is accessible feminist pop that you can dance to. It was lovely to see children, girls especially, dancing at the front. Visible role models matter. Seeing three women singing, playing instruments, enjoying themselves and having as much fun on the stage as we were off, was boss for me at 42, let alone for the under 10’s who were grooving away. The energy was infectious and I found myself bopping along to Stealing Sheep’s art pop. Sometime music serves you up exactly what you need, and Stealing Sheep put a great big smile on my face. Thank you!

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