Jesca Hoop – Rough Trade, Bristol

Thursday 11th July, 2019

In what seems another lifetime ago, but was actually just a little over two years, I saw Jesca Hoop at the Exchange. That was gig 11 of 40 gigs and I was mesmerised. It was one of those gigs that was almost too good. The sort where you don’t dare to see them again, for fear that it would and could never be as good as you remembered.

This was an album launch show. A different beast. Just Jesca and guitar. No band. Stripped back. All new songs. And I loved it still. Jesca’s voice is one of those soft, yet beautiful ones, that seem to wrap themselves around you like a soft scarf or comfort blanket. She was just as captivating and engaging.

The album, Stonechild, is well worth getting your hands on. As would be tickets to see Jesca on tour. Sadly, I can’t make her Bristol date, but if she is playing anywhere near you then I suggest you go. Beguiling music that makes me float away.



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