Daylight Music – Union Chapel, London

Saturday 23rd February, 2019

My second trip to Daylight Music this year, another early coach on a Saturday morning. What could tempt me out? Could it be the cake, the music, the beautiful venue or the lovely people who run Daylight Music? Perhaps all of the above. If you are ever at a loose end in London of a Saturday lunchtime when Daylight Music is on, just pop in. It’s ever so friendly and there is always someone on the bill worth listening to.

Today I treated myself to lunch as well as cake (I do hope you’ve been practicing how to say Quesidillas, Ben!) and an excellent decaf tea (rarer than you’d think) and took in the atmosphere of the stunning Union Chapel on a sunny day. Light streamed through the windows and it was lovely.

First up today was Victoria Hume on piano, with support on guitar and viola. A perfect way to start, lovely and gentle, just what a Saturday lunchtime needed.

The inbetween act (whose names I’ve forgotten, sorry) popped up playing sax in the gallery and double bass in the pulpit, which is typical of DM’s humour and relaxed style.

Robert Stillman was next out, playing tape loops and saxophone. This was more experimental and jazzy and I liked it. It got quite weird and dark at points, which I also liked.

Andrew Wasylyk had travelled all the way from Aberdeen to perform for us and played stripped back versions of The Paralian, his latest work. Just him on piano and Robbie on trumpet. It was lush. The last track, sparse piano and recorded speaking voice, had me moist of eye. Beautiful. Haunting. I bought the CD on the way out.

All of today’s acts were worth showing up for, DM is an ace idea and if I lived in London I’d be there every Saturday that it’s on.




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