Daylight Music – Union Chapel, London

Saturday 9th February, 2019

I’ve been to Daylight Music a few times and always enjoyed myself. So whenever I have a free Saturday and it is on I book a cheap coach up to London and treat myself to a day out. This was to be one of those Saturday’s. It coincided nicely with being near Ian’s birthday (6 Music chum) so I suggested we meet up, have some cake and enjoy the music together. When I sorted out the travel I had no idea who would be playing (mystery gig, added excitement!) and turns out today was to be a little different to the usual Daylight Music. Ordinarily the format is 3 acts with breaks for tea and cake. Inside the very beautiful and acoustically gorgeous Union Chapel. Today was the launch of the Age Of Not Believing’s new work, a loose collective of musicians, bringing original music and storytelling to the Chapel.

It was the busiest I’ve ever seen Daylight Music, how lovely. The relaxed atmosphere was retained despite the queues, lots of families and children sharing music together helped that.

What was very nice for me was that my chum Piney Gir was one of the guest singers and she has exactly the sort of voice you want to hear singing Moon River and Rainbow Collective in Union Chapel. A rotating cast of string quartet, brass band, piano, organ, guitar, vibraphone and other players played the lovely music (I’m listening to it now, here) with a choir, Piney Gir or Emily Barker or another singer whose name I’ve forgotten (sorry!). There was even some Clanger style whistling at one point. You can’t say this wasn’t a varied programme. It was great to hear Emily again, another voice perfectly suited to the venue. The only regret was not hearing Emily and Piney sing together. Now what a treat that would have been.

It is the 10th birthday of Daylight Music this month, and the 300th show next Saturday. Ben Eshmade deserves so much credit and thanks for the hard work he puts in to making Daylight Music happen. An absolute labour of love. You superstar.

If you can go along to support Daylight Music you should. It is a lovely concept, pulled off with aplomb. Tea, cake, friends and music. What more could you possibly ask for on a Saturday lunchtime?

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