Alberni Quartet – Victoria Rooms, University of Bristol

Friday 8th February, 2019

The University of Bristol Music Department, housed in the very grand Victoria Rooms, put on a range of concerts, including free lunchtime ones. As I now don’t work on a Friday and I had a bus pass anyway it seemed a perfect opportunity to explore some more classical music.

Today was the Alberni Quartet playing John Pickard and Dvorak. The Pickard Quartet was a sad affair, sombre and almost funereal in tone. This was serendipitously matched by the heavy rain pounding on the windows.

The Dvorak Quartet was a very different affair, jaunty and quite sunny of disposition. Seeing the violins and viola playing alongside, not competing, but responding to each other was delightful. There really is something about the resonance of strings live, it is such a beautiful sound.

Thank you UOB for hosting these concerts and opening them up to the general public, allowing me to learn a little more about classical music. I shall be back for more in a few weeks time.

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