Bristol Bach Choir Spirit of Christmas – St George’s, Bristol

Saturday 15th December, 2018

I wasn’t sure about this one but I’ve seen very few choirs and St George’s is beautiful with great sound and I knew I’d be on my own and in need of cheering up so I figured I had nothing to lose by going along.

Thanks to rubbish First Bus I was only just in time for the start and missed picking up a programme. This only became an issue when it became obvious that there was to be audience participation and I didn’t know the words! Anyone who has heard me sing will probably be pleased by this and disappointed that the couple behind me gave me one of their programmes when they realised why I wasn’t joining in. Given the state my lungs have been in, singing with passion wasn’t the greatest of ideas and I did struggle for breath a fair few times.

I also struggled with the whole concept of a Christmas concert filled with happy faces and shared joy. I find Christmas difficult at the best of times, this year even more so. Usually I am pretty happy to go to a concert alone, but this wasn’t the one to be on my own at. The music and choral voices were wonderful, but all the uplifting Christmas music in the world couldn’t make me feel less alone right now.

I am sure that for many in the audience this annual concert is part of their festive build up and part of their family Christmas celebrations. For them it must have been an absolute delight. The choir was fabulous and the brass ensemble excellent. They did a witty version of The 12 Days Of Christmas and there were some great readings between the singing.

This kind of music and this kind of concert are all about bringing people together and in another time I may have been able to get swept up in it all. This time I felt very alone.


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