Ishmael Ensemble – The Exchange, Bristol

Wednesday 12th December, 2018

I only booked a ticket to this gig to give me something to do, to distract me from my own emotions. The blurb sounded promising, electronic experimental jazz with saxophone and I’ve had some good gigs at the Exchange. Better than moping at home I thought.

Come the night of the gig and heartbreak had hit, numb or crying are my current default emotions. I got to the venue pretty much bang on time and caught the support act. I didn’t catch their name and all I remember is them singing a song which I think was called Don’t Leave Me. I was glad I’d decided to hide at the back, out of the way so that I could cry without fear or embarrassment.

When Ishmael Ensemble came out I realised I did know them, they were the support act at the disastrous Fiddlers gig that I’d left in tears of panic a couple of months ago. It is no reflection on their music that I also left this gig early and upset. Having an amorous couple snogging a couple of feet away, given how fragile my heart was feeling, wasn’t conducive to me having the time of my life.

On another day I would have enjoyed this gig, Ishmael Ensemble are a good band making interesting music. I wasn’t in the right head space to enjoy it is all.


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