Darius Brubeck Quartet – St George’s, Bristol

Thursday 13th December, 2018

I’d vacillated about this one for a while. Then tickets were in the Flash Sale (Bristol’s cultural venues do this twice a year and you can get great discounts on theatre and gig tickets) and I thought why not? I’ve come to enjoy jazz and St George’s is such a beautiful venue with great acoustics that there was fairly little risk involved.

I was still feeling raw and numb but music, live music, has gotten me through every other tight emotional spot so I decided to head out into the cold.

It was an older audience and the music more dinner party jazz than avant guard but it was played superbly by excellent musicians. It helped me to relax and forget my troubles for a couple of hours, so in that respect it served its purpose. I did have to leave before the end of the encore due to how infrequent the late night buses run and that I had to be up at 5am (more of that in the next blog entry).

I’ve talked before about how gigs are a confluence of many factors and the ones I’ve been to this week have to all be measured with a different frame of reference. Heartbreak is never fun, no matter how long in the tooth you are. Losing someone you love hurts. Music can either take us out of our pain or help us deal with it. Tonight took me away from the hurt for a little while and allowed me to remember that life carries on even while we aren’t looking. A son playing his father’s music, tunes that were love letters to his mother, was a pretty beautiful thing to witness.



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