Ride – Trinity Centre, Bristol

Sunday 2nd December, 2018

Tom is a massive Ride fan and as this gig, part of the 30th anniversary tour, happened to be passing through Bristol while he was over, so we were clearly destined to be there. As had many of the Ride Ubers who had traveled from all over the world. I felt slightly fraudulent coming from a mile down the road!

Not only had a photo pass been arranged for me, it was hand delivered by drummer Loz, so I felt welcome to take up position at the front of the stage.

Support was from the lovely Piney Gir, who I have had the pleasure of seeing before. Ably supported by an excellent band playing shimmery pop about witches, love and other things. She was in fine voice and she was given warm welcome by the ever polite Bristol crowd.

The lighting had been a challenge thus far, something about my height, the height of the stage and the lighting rig triangulated into quite a tricky proposition. Perhaps it would be better for Ride, as they were to be seated.

I was intrigued by the idea of Ride, a very loud guitar band, unplugged. This included an acoustic bass, which I have rarely heard before but love, Steve certainly knows his way round it, that’s for sure. Andy’s acoustic was so beautiful I couldn’t help but be drawn to it. I found myself at his and Mark’s feet, drawing up angles to get ‘the’ shot, kneeling, crouching and crawling along the floor as there was no photographers pit. What a lucky position to find yourself in! Being so close to the musicians to feel and share in the performance in that way was pretty special. I was desperately disappointed to not capture Loz, who was too far back in the dark and hidden. Next time, Loz, I’ll get you next time.

As it was a part seated show I was able to rejoin Tom and his friends for the rest of the show. I wish I’d been closer to Noah, whose enthusiasm and love of music runs as deep as mine. It was the loudest acoustic show I’ve ever heard, but being able to actually hear the words and voices was great, as they can be drowned in sound otherwise. I like it best when Mark and Andy harmonise and when Loz and Steve combine their drums and bass together (I’m a sucker for a good rhythm section). It’s been too many days, I’ve been at work/being Mum/have had a cold to know what songs I liked best. Tom and I agree that Time To Time sounded pretty bloody good, however. There was also fab cover of The One I Love, which I would like to hear again please gentlemen.

Of the Ride shows I’ve been too this was the most relaxed I’ve seen them, there was more chat between songs and they seemed more at ease with each other and the audience. “The secret to being in a band for 30 years is that we were only together for 10!” This was the sort of warm, shared performance given by and for those who’ve been through huge chunks of their lives with this music. It was delivered with love and heart and it showed.




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