Bedouine – Rough Trade, Bristol

Tuesday 30th October, 2018

A free instore gig at Rough Trade on a day I don’t work. I had no reason at all to not show up for this. Bedouine’s bio interested me, this is an artist who has lived an interesting life ergo should have some good songs I thought.

Rather than being in the Rough Trade live room (which is an excellent space) Bedouine played on the shop floor. The positives of this were that it was very accessible and open, the downsides being the road outside and the door to the shop provided competing noise. Which was a real shame, as these are gentle and intimate songs that deserved full attention. Bedouine sang without amplification, so at times it was difficult to hear her fully. What I could make out I liked very much, enough to purchase the album afterwards.

A rather different gig experience this, small, low key and gentle. Sometimes that is what you need.

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