Gaz Coombes – Concorde 2, Brighton

Thursday 18th October, 2018

It’s been a very long time since I went to Brighton, 19 years in fact. I have completely fallen in love with Gaz’s music this year. After first seeing him play live in March I just haven’t been able to get enough. Hence a Thursday night jaunt along the South Coast.

Concorde 2 is a strange place, which I mean as a compliment. I felt like I was entering a Victorian tea rooms, which had a stage at the end! Beautiful ironwork and sympathetic conversion has left this as a little gem of a venue. If you are tall. I do wish we could find a solution for short arses like me, so that we can see at gigs.

Not that this is a problem from the photograhers pit in the front of the stage of course. Thank you for allowing me to come and photograph you again, Gaz, it is my only way to be creative around the music I love and it is always a gift when I am able to do so.

After my allocated 2 songs I was kicked out, which left me backstage and having to leave the venue. Only way back in being via the front door. Leaving me to either fight through the crowd or to stay in the bar at the back watching the gig on a TV screen. You know I don’t like crowds, there was no way I was contemplating moving back through, so I took a seat and had a very different gig experience to usual. It is no bad thing to take a different perspective every now and again and although I couldn’t see much or hear as clearly I still had a great time. I got to review my shots as the band played for a start and see the happiness on the patrons around me. Usually I am immersed in my own world, so to watch it through the eyes of others was actually really nice.

At the end, as the crowd exited the venue, there were a lot of happy faces. I needed to see them. I needed to remember what a community music can be.

As a creative, as a photographer, this was a great gig.



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