Cirque Beserk! – Lennox Theatre, Edinburgh Conference Centre

Sunday 26th August, 2018

I had already been to music in a Pianodrome, a late night show musing on group theory with music and a comedy magic show so all I had left on my Fringe Festival card was circus. Tangles had this marked as a must see and as neither she nor Tom had seen a circus for many years. I’m spoiled living in Bristol, where there is a circus school and therefore opportunities to see circus on a regular basis (having a kid also helps!)

Cirque Beserk is circus designed for theatre, they’ve had a very successful West End run in London. It showed. The music, lighting and staging were all very ‘showbiz’ and slightly too loud and dramatic for me. When you have human beings being that flexible, bendy and amazing I’m not sure you really need to add overly loud, thundering backing music. Let the performers speak for themselves! The acrobatics were amazing, jumping over fire, ribbon work hanging by the neck and pyramids that went up and up and up. The knife throwing was predictable (man throws knives at woman) and slightly off, at least 2 knives failed to land, and I didn’t find the clowns very funny. The physical comedy was drowned by the sound and I think the theatre set up didn’t help. The motorbike cage of death, however, was dramatic and jaw dropping. Not one, not 2, not even 3, no they put 4 motorbikes in there. Then they turned the lights off.  That bit was thrilling and exhilarating, as circus should be.

In the 250th anniversary year of circus I am glad I got to expereince a live cirucs performance. Long live the Circus.





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