Ada Campe & the pyschic duck, The Stand New Town Theatre – Edinburgh

Saturday 25th August. 2018

Now I couldn’t possibly go to the Fringe without seeing some comedy, cabaret and magic could I? Ada Campe is all 3 rolled into one magnificent package. I have seen her perform before, at What The Frock! (all female comedy gigs organised by one woman whirlwind Jane Duffus in Bristol) so I knew what a treat this show was going to be. Neither Tangles nor Tom did and I was slightly apprehensive about what they would make of Ada to be honest.

Eccentric doesn’t really begin to cover it. Odd. Hilarious. Camp. Marvelous. Cheeky. Bizarre. With a physic duck! And audience participation moose chases! I shall never again hear the word sweeties without it being in Ada Campe’s plummy voice.

I could hear Tangles giggling away and her smile at the end showed she had also enjoyed the ride. I did bump into Ada Campe herself ( I know, how blessed am I to have been so close to her magnificence?) after the show as I was looking for a lost cardigan and told her how I bought along my friends. She enquired as to what they made of it and when I told her that my American boyfriend was really quite baffled she seemed rather pleased and gave out a hearty laugh.

If you are ever in the vicinity of an Ada Campe performance please go. It will be one of the strangest and funniest hours of your life.

Anyone who can win both old comedian and newcomer of the year awards in the same season, as Ada Campe has done, has to be unique.

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