Jack Cookson/Alex Hedley – Festival of Nature, Bristol

Saturday 10th June, 2018

I’ve taken my natural history and animal loving son to the Festival of Nature every year since forever but didn’t know that there is a music tent until this year. And even then only because a friend who lives in Norfolk told me! Fen recommended I see Alex Hedley and it was checking the listings that I realised that me old mucker Jack Cookson was also playing.

I’ve seen Jack as a support artist a few times and he is such a lovely boy I knew it would be worth showing up to see him.

The set up was more eating chips in a tent vibe than serious listening to music vibe but hey, you take what you can get, right? I was late and so missed the first part of Jack’s set (sorry, hope the cake made up for it) but I enjoyed what I did hear. The songs I’ve come to know as well as a few covers. All went over well with the toddlers and their parents. The sound was a teeny bit too quiet so Jack’s delicate guitar was a tiny but lost but I’m still glad I went to see him play. He gigs reasonably regularly round Bristol and Plymouth (where he’s from) and I can recommend hearing him. Or buy his CD from his website, download his music on BandCamp or just give me a fiver so I can keep making him cakes.

I stayed on for Alex Hedley, seeing as Fen said I should catch him. And I was not disappointed. He has a cracking voice, rich in emotion and tone. I had to duck out before the end of his short set, which is a shame. I shall try to catch him again some other time.

An hour spent in a shady tent on a sunny day listening to talented singer/songwriters is an hour well spent in my book.



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