Gaz Coombes – Trinity Centre, Bristol

Tuesday 22nd May, 2018

Night 2 of the Gaz adventure, this time in my home City and the gig I had planned to be at all along.

I’d had 4 hours sleep before catching the coach back from Birmingham, put in my penultimate shift at work before this gig and frankly my feet hurt and all I really wanted was a nap!

Trinity is a great venue, one I’d not been to since BBC6 Music Festival back in Feb 2016 and that had been such a special weekend that this venue holds a place in my heart. I had another photo pass, such a treat to have another chance to take pictures from the pit.

Piney Gir provided excellent support again, but Bristol’s audience were more attentive and receptive. Almost universally Bristol crowds give good atmosphere. The lovely acoustics of a former church help, as did seeing Dave who I met at the Gaz instore again. Instead of watching from the side of the stage tonight I got to be a fan in the front row and watch the rest of Piney’s set from there. Garo gave it good guitar and Piney’s vocals sounded great. She has a lovely voice and happy, sunshiny vibes to her music that I like a lot.

I got myself into the pretty tiny photo pit nice and early before Gaz came on. I was the only photographer there, which is just as well given how small the space was! The lighting was awful, such a challenge, low, dark, swirling, not focussed on the singer and in such a small space impossible to get the requisite distance required. Somehow I have managed to grab half a dozen ok shots but boy it was hard work.

I wormed my way back through the crowd to find Tom and be in the front row and simply be a fan for the rest of the set. Boy am I glad I was. This was a much better gig than the night before, some tweaking to the set list provided better song flow and the atmosphere was so much better. I was able to let myself marvel and admire and get lost in the music. The backing vocals again enhancing every song they were part of and the whole band looked to be enjoying themselves.

Towards the end of the set Gaz threw in Slow Motion Life and that was it, I was fully engaged and from there to the end this was a superb gig. It has that incredible swirling build that I love, winding and winding towards its conclusion and they all really let rip with it. As they then did for 20/20, Detroit and The English Ruse. It was fucking ace. The best I’ve seen Gaz play to date. A brilliant, brilliant gig. Sometimes all you need is a boy with a guitar and a piano with his band playing loud rock n roll to make you happy.

Monday I had been a photographer, tonight I got to be fan. Both wonderful experiences. My only regret is in not having been able to get to more shows on this tour! Gaz, expect to find me in the front row again as soon as I am able. Thank you again.




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