Mogwai – Colston Hall, Bristol

Saturday 3rd February.

I came to Mogwai late, only last year, thanks to  Mary Anne Hobbs (yes, her again) and have been in love with them ever since I first heard Coolverine. This was a gig I’d been looking forward to for months, and both Tom and Claire had independently bought me a ticket for it, that’s how much those close to me knew I wanted to go!

Due to the ongoing nerve pain/damage in my arm and shoulder I knew that getting down the front wasn’t going to be an option, so we plumped for second row seats instead. I could just about see above the crowd when standing, or perched half seated on my upturned seat. Being all in a row also allowed me, Tom, Claire, Jacqui and Monty to share in the gig together, which was pretty special all of its own.

There was excellent support from Out Lines, another Glasgow collective, who do a nice line in beautiful melancholia. I’m not at all sure what the squeeze box/sideways accordion is actually called, but the drone sounds emanating from it were great. I would recommend listening to them and seeing them live if you can.

Mogwai. Oh, what can I say? From the opening notes to the very end I was enraptured. This was a visceral, enveloping gig that shook me in just about every way. It was so loud! The loudest gig I’ve ever been to. The bass didn’t just rumble, it shook and thundered through you like nothing I’ve experienced before. Claire and I both kept shouting yes as it got more intense, “its making the underwing of my bra vibrate” she declared!

The lighting and sound designers of this show deserve such credit, they threw everything they could at us and made it such an overwhelming and incredible experience. It was an assault on all your senses at once, physically and emotionally. I was moved over and over. There was such joy in the intensity of the sound, such visceral thrill in the sheer power of the volume. I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried at least twice, just with the overwhelming nature of it all. It was superb. I’ve no idea what tracks they played, just that they all sounded amazing. The standout came 2 tracks before the encore, that started out quieter and then built and built and built until it kicked so fucking hard that it made me jump. It was awesome.Brilliant. Magnificent. I loved every single second of this gig.

Quite simply it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.



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