Daylight Music – Union Chapel, London

Saturday February 3rd. Tiny Leaves and Bennett Wilson Poole.

We were in London anyway and had open return train tickets so I suggested to Tom that we headed to Union Chapel to catch the Daylight Music gig. For one reason and another we ended up being a bit late and missing the first act and came in towards the end of Tiny Leaves. Which is such a shame, because what I heard of them I liked very much indeed. Listening to them now I am even more gutted that we missed most of them. Gorgeous sounds, all instrumental and lush.

The final act were Bennett Wilson Poole playing a mixture of acoustic and 12 string Rickenbacker with vocals. As enthusiastic and full of harmony as they were, they weren’t for me. It was too blokey and slightly in crowd for me.

Union Chapel was every bit as beautiful and beguiling as the first time I visited in November and I will definitely pay Daylight Music another visit when I can. What a magnificent idea, great music in relaxed surroundings, with tea and cake, for the price of a donation! If you are in or around London of a Saturday lunchtime during their season, go. Whoever is playing, the experience is worthwhile, I promise.


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