Debsamita Bhattacharya. St George’s, Bristol.

An artist I’ve never heard of in a beautiful venue that has amazing sound.

I was intrigued by the prospect of seeing Indian classical music, and when the tickets for this were in the Bristol flash sale, making it just £11.25 to go I thought well why not? St George’s is a wonderful venue, with incredible sound and that always makes you feel welcome.

I had already planned the 40th gig by the time I bought this ticket, so knew it would be an extra but there is no way of stopping me now! I’ve caught some sort of musical disease that won’t let me stop. And I am very glad of it. Before 40 gigs I would never have even thought about going to see something like this concert and that would have been a real shame.

Debasmita plays the sarod, an instrument I’ve never heard of in my life, let alone seen and was accompanied by Gurdain Rayatt on the tabla. The pair of them are amazing. I’ve never seen such speed and dexterity in playing. The sounds were astonishing. They played for over 90 minutes without a break and it flew past, feeling about a third of that. There was one fantastic section where they call and responded to each other on their respective instruments and that was just wow. The sounds were so lush and rich. The sarid is an incredibly complex instrument and I can see why it takes a lifetime to master it. Such beautiful sounds emanate from it.

This was my first, and hopefully not last, encounter with Indian music and I absolutely loved it.

Thank you Asian Arts Agency and St George’s for making this show accessible and affordable. You have opened my ears to yet more new music.

The spirit of 40 gigs lives on!



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