Starsailor. The Leadmill, Sheffield.

My favourite band (again). Famous Yorkshire venue I’ve never been to before.

The 44th time I have seen Starsailor live, and no I am not bored of hearing the same songs over and over, every gig is different. Each one contains memories of the people it was shared with, the time of my life it marked or the stories connected to it. I fell a little bit in love with Sheffield when I visited it for the first time last year and the Leadmill is one of its most famous venues. So to get my favourite band in one of my favourite places with some of my favourite people was fabulous.

Travelling up, me, Mandie and Nick, all on separate coaches, were exchanging messages as we all neared Sheffield. We’ve been friends, through the band, for 15 years and have seen each other through so much.

Once we’d  met up and scoped out the hotel we got ourselves to the venue. I liked The Leadmill very much. Lovely room, relaxed security and decent lighting. I was just about in time to catch the end of Paves set and managed to grab some good shots of them. Having seen them support Starsailor last year I knew they would be amazing to photograph and play some decent tunes.

The second support tonight was Alex Francis, who was also very good. Lovely harmonies and backing from his band helped with that. Am also hopeful of decent pictures, will have to wait until I get home to process.

Then the boys. The lighting was much kinder tonight, same trio of songs to photograph, fingers crossed for good shots. After my three songs were up I found my way through the crowd to a front row spot between Mandie and Nick. Just like old times. The rest of the crowd were rowdy. There had clearly been a lot of booze consumed! It was a shame as they somewhat spoiled the atmosphere and it could have been so much better without that element.

It’s been such a treat to hear so many songs from the new album on this tour. It’s the most complete album Starsailor have made. It’s also the funkiest. They played Sunday Best tonight and it sounded great. It’s one of my favourite tracks on the album and I am so pleased they included it. Keep it in, please lads.

Tonight wasn’t a classic, but Starsailor live are always worth showing up for. On record they are good, but live they are something special.

Thank you Starsailor, and my Starsailor family.

39 down. 1 to go.



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