Furlined. Colston Hall Foyer, Bristol.

Free foyer gig at Colston Hall. As part of the charity trust that runs the Hall, they put on free foyer concerts from time to time. Usually when there is a band in the main hall and/or Lantern which makes the atmosphere in the bars and public space lively and fun. Except tonight there was no gig in either the main hall or the lantern. Which led to the audience being the bar staff, assorted friends of the band, a trio of tourists, a family with young kids who appeared to have wandered in by mistake and were too polite to leave. And me. Fewer than 15 of us at peak. So it was intimate. Oh and the drummer was late. As we waited for him to set up his kit I chatted to the band about this whole shebang.

This could have potentially been very awkward. If I’d not liked them. Which fortunately I did. Ordinarily Furlined have a cellist (I would dearly love to see them play with this full line up) but she was on holiday so we had to pretend. Other than that, and the weird set up (daylight, huge open space but teeny audience) I really enjoyed this gig. The sound guy, with his mobile sound desk had done a bang up job which really can’t have been easy in this space. And the band did an excellent job of filling the space & not making us feel at all awkward. My foot was a tapping from the start, and had I been in a dark gig venue I probably would have been dancing too.

Standout tracks were the country influenced Searchlight and the rather lovely Feardriven, which struck a chord given some of the reasons I started this celebration. I’m listening to it again now, and its proper lush. I can see why Mojo compared them to Hawley. If, like me, you are a fan of alt country, Americana, Richard Hawley or music in that vein, then I think you would like Furlined. This is a bunch of accomplished musicians making hopeful, yet realistic music, pretty much because they can. And what better reason to create is there than that?

If I get the chance I would very much like to see them play again, in a more standard format than tonight with the full line up. If I don’t then tonight will still be a lovely memory and I’ll have found more music I like that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It will almost certainly go down as the smallest audience of 40 gigs!

21 down. 19 to go.


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