Low Roar. The Exchange, Bristol.

Band recommended by the friends who took me to C Duncan and Vok at cracking venue, which is fast becoming a favourite of mine.

Jacqui wasn’t able to come with me to this gig, but I trusted her taste enough to buy a ticket and go on my own. The Exchange, on Old Market Street, is such a fantastic venue. Friendly staff, quirky building, I love it there.

Tonight was gig 20. Halfway point. I wanted tonight to be special. I wanted a really good gig to mark reaching 20 of 40. I got it. In spades.

I missed most of Casey Dienel’s support set, I’m sorry Casey ‘cos I liked what I saw/heard.

Low Roar came on to no fuss or fanfare and just played. Without introducing themselves, the songs, or anything. They let the music speak. And when its this good I forgive them. Experimental, creative, atmospheric, brilliance came out of dozens of instruments & a voice so beautiful I thought I might break. The bass thundered through my chest, reverberating my heart and I was lost. Lost in the music. Lost in the songs. Lost in the beauty of it all. I closed my eyes & drank it all in. I felt like I could taste and touch the music. As the music poured in and the emotions fell out I felt transformed, as if I was floating. It was extraordinary. I was immersed in the most gorgeous, stunning soundscapes that lifted me and moved me and took me places I’d forgotten music could. I adored it.

Ryan played a couple of songs on his own, acoustic guitar plus effects and they were magical. Tears were falling. One song was almost too much. My bottom lip was wobbling. I thought I might melt or disappear into a river of tears. It was powerful.

For music I didn’t know before the gig to have such an effect. It was special. So special. I wanted gig 20, my halfway marker to be special. I had no idea it would be so so good. Low Roar are up there with Elbow and Michael Kiwanuka at this point. High, high praise. It is moments like tonight that I live for. Gigs like this one are why I’m doing this. Discovering music so beautiful and ethereal, like gossamer, shimmering and shining like gold in the sun, well it is everything.

Thank you. Those words never seem to convey enough but they are all I have to offer. Thank you Low Roar for taking me on such a beautiful journey of discovery. Music has the power to heal and transform like nothing else.

20 down. 20 to go.







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