3 Daft Monkeys. The Fleece, Bristol.

Random ticket purchase because  I wanted to make sure I saw a gig at The Fleece as it is such a fan favourite in Bristol.

First gig of June. First gig of the summer. First gig, for me, since the Manchester bombing. However unrelated a little gig by an oddball band may seem to Ariana Grande concert at a massive arena may seem, music unites. And I was once a teenage girl with teenage girl dreams, crushes & fandoms. By circuitous route pop music is what led me to be standing in the Fleece tonight. And we are all fans. Whatever type of music we choose. And we are human. And music is our common thread.

I was early for this gig, so I had a little walk round some back streets near the harbour in the sunshine. It was lovely to get off the main drag & be able to see/hear people on the other side of the water at the Apple enjoying some cider in the sun, but from far enough away to enjoy the solitude.

I’ve not been to The Fleece in a while and I remember the stage being a lot higher! It is still a lovely space, nice and big and open (well, other than the pillars) making it feel safe and lending itself to good acoustics.

The support band, Arcadia Roots, came on to an almost empty venue which they quickly filled with sound. I was sat down at the back, but they drew me in, slowly, until I was up on my feet near the front enjoying their set. Whilst not entirely to my tastes (and the sound mix was too low on the vocals) there was much to admire in their sound and they did good a good job of warming up the crowd. Who, whilst small, were enthusiastic and numbered a few jugglers/performance artists (come now, this is Bristol).

The crowd were a lovely mixture tonight of old & young, all of whom were on their feet bouncing to the music. 3 Daft Monkeys came on to a warm welcome and insisted we all dance to the first few songs. Most didn’t need encouragement, but it was that shuffle bounce dancing that can only happen to a certain kind of music, which isn’t my kind of movement. I made my way back to the back to sit down again as I just didn’t have the energy or inclination to join in tonight.

On paper there was much to like about 3 Daft Monkeys, their name for a start (especially as there are 4 of them…..), the drummer was playing partly without sticks (gloved hands), the bass had more then 4 strings & no visible frets, a violinist (I love me some strings) & an open calling to remember to vote and to remember to vote Labour. But you know how things that look good on paper aren’t always good in reality? Or that what you think you want and need isn’t at all what you want and need? Tonight’s gig was like that. It just did not stick. I wanted to let go and enjoy it but something just wouldn’t give.

I guess it had to happen eventually – that I would find a gig I didn’t really enjoy. I’m sad it was this one though.Some you win and some you lose I guess.

19 down. 21 to go.



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