Vok. The Louisiana, Bristol.

Icelandic electronica. Second visit to the Louie, known for its great sound & atmosphere.

The ticket for this was a birthday gift from friends, who are fans of this band (I have some smashing friends. With excellent musical taste). Electronic music. From Iceland. Not usually my bag. Too hip. But as I am learning on this musical journey, what you think you like on paper & what you actually like are not always the same.

After last nights gig, a full day at work (including my appraisal) and everything else that has happened in the past week, I was feeling too tired for a gig & not entirely in the mood to go. To expend emotional energy chatting in the pub & go to an enclosed, dark, upstairs space for a band I knew nothing about. Well it wasn’t appealing. But, I have good friends. Generous friends. Who I knew would understand. So off I set.

We managed to catch most of the support act, Bethany Humphries, who has an emotional maturity beyond her years in her music. We were all really impressed with the quality of her voice. I think she said she is playing her first headline gig in Bristol in July and she would be well worth catching.

The crowd was noisy & busy for Vok, which in the small space of the Louie made me feel uncomfortable. I realised tonight why I feel shut in – the ceiling is low, as is the stage, rendering it quite a challenge for a short arse like me who needs to be able to control her space and way out! The sound was excellent as ever and the atmosphere really good – Bristol crowds are always game for a good time in a good-natured way. Vok. Well they were loud and heavy, in a good way. They play live electronica (drum machine, keyboards) with bass, guitar and saxophone. It’s a pretty heady mix and most of the crowd were jumping and dancing with the groove. I was just way too tired to join them. I was also anxious as I was stuck in the middle of the crowd, which is the last place I enjoy being. Towards the end I gave up and sat on the floor and this was a much better solution. I could close my eyes, feel the music vibrating through me and relax. I began to really enjoy the music. I wish I’d done it earlier in the set!

Along with the rest of the crowd, my friends enjoyed the gig very much. I liked Vok a lot & would happily see them play live again. Something didn’t quite click tonight, but it was in me, not in the music. I’m 40 now, gotta learn to pace myself a bit better!

Thank you Jacqui & Monty for taking me to the gig, thank you Vok for being so lovely to chat to afterwards. Thank you all for introducing me to more new music. A huge part of this celebration was to go in with open ears and discover. I did that tonight.

18 down. 22 to go.


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