Xenia Lubinos. The Louisiana, Bristol.

Random ticket purchase chosen because I want to support female artists where I can. Venue I’ve only been to once before, above a pub near the harbour.

With limited evenings when I can get out to gigs, this one was chosen because it fell on the right date, wasn’t expensive as I want to support female musicians as much as I can. So I went in without expectation to hear & discover new music.

I knew things would be good when Big Jeff appeared, who assured me that Xenia was going to be bouncy (I like bouncy). Support was from the excellent Lady Nade, who I saw a gazillion years ago playing in Stokes Croft. She has a distinctive, soulful voice so things were off to a good start.

Xenia and her band came on. With presence, attitude & a melee of sounds. When the drummer has an effects board and a computer with big coloured buttons you know things are going to take on a different sonic shape. Within a few songs she was down in the crowd, grooving and creating an atmosphere of playfulness. Lyrically the songs go deep, while the beats do the same in a different way. For all the dancing & smiling there were points to be made; “how do you spell angry brown girl?” It was a heady mix and the crowd were lapping it up, moving with the off beats and responding to the energy on stage. Towards the end there was a wonderful moment when Xenia shook lose her hair and moshed into Jeff, the 2 of them shaking and shimmying at each other.

This was a charged and electric little gig given by multi talented musicians determined to make us move and think. They succeeded.

14 down. 26 to go.



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