Winter Mountain. The Lantern, Colston Hall, Bristol

A random pick from the Colston Hall flyer  based on the name of the band in the little venue that is fast becoming my second home.

I saw the name of this band and thought I’d like them. Winter Mountain. Sounds kinda alt country I thought. The blurb seemed to back this up, electric folk, so I went ahead and got myself a ticket. After gigs 10 & 12 I needed something a little more ‘standard’ as things were getting really quite left field, so all I was hoping for was some guitar and some singing.

The support/joint headliner was Brooke Sharkey, who possesses a wonderful voice and whose songs blend both her native languages of English & French to paint pictures of landscapes in song. So far, so normal.

Winter Mountain did not disappoint on pretty much any score. There were guitars. There was singing. It was rockier than I was expecting, but that’s no bad thing. Joe played a mixture of quieter, more reflective songs alone & acoustic and louder, more rocked out tunes with the rest of his band. I loved it all. The solo acoustic songs were heartfelt & lovely. The full band songs were no less emotional, they just hid the bits that made me cry underneath the guitar riffs. It was a small, older crowd and we were seated (the Lantern can be standing or seated) which made the atmosphere slightly weird – I wanted to get up and move and couldn’t!

A few of the songs really moved me, when Joe introduced the theme of the most recent album and played Open Heart I welled up. The song he wrote for his little sister ditto, the sentiment just set me off. Themes of loss, belonging & rebuilding a life when things veer off course resonate with me. He has a lovely voice (his quiet, polite speaking voice belying the power he sings with) of the type that just cuts into me.

This was gig 13, for some an unlucky number. I felt it lucky tonight. I walked home with a gurt big smile plastered on me face.

13 down. 27 to go.


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