Indigo Husk/The Pale White/High Tyde. The Exchange, Bristol

3 bands I’ve never heard of in a venue I’ve never been to.

I was offered a photo pass, the venue is walkable from home and part of this idea is to try new things so along I went. When the bouncer asked me for ID on the way in I had to laugh, so did he when he saw my age. Once inside the venue (which is also a coffee bar – very Bristol) and saw how young the rest of the crowd were I understood; average age couldn’t have been above 20.

Indigo Husk were first on and either they were amazing, or the crowd were really up for it, or both as there was a fabulous energy in the room. This bypassed me, but then I’m more used to seated gigs or gentle music these days. My moshing days are long gone. Also, I was too busy struggling to get a shot as the lighting wasn’t kind and without a pit to separate me I was knee deep in the crowd.

The Pale White were the closest to my musical taste of the 3 bands and although the crowd got ever livelier, I’d found refuge in a church pew bench at the side.

High Tyde were clearly the reason most of the crowd were there as the room filled very quickly and the moshing was impossible to escape. I’d tried to stay in the front row to photograph but had no chance! Their lighting was also unkind and I was feeling not quite right so I just retreated. Which is a shame as what I heard I liked. And it was fabulous to see the energy and life in the faces of the youngsters there. Such vibrancy.

I was glad to have been there, and it was a joy to be photographing again, but it showed me that my mosh pit days are well and truly in the past (Skunk Anansie/Garbage were my time for that!).

Me not feeling right turned into a migraine that I’ve spent most of today sleeping off, which has heavily influenced my ability to review. Once I’ve recovered enough to process the photos I’ll add a link here.

7 down. 33 to go.



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