Redhouse. The Railway Tavern

Never heard of them. A pub I used to drink at when I worked at Barnardos

My friends know Steve the drummer from this band so they suggested we went to hear them play. I used to occasionally drink in the Railway Tavern when I worked for Barnardos but I didn’t know they did live music. So I really wasn’t at all sure what to expect. Rock n roll is all I’d been told, and who doesn’t love a bit of that?

Steve is the lead singer, as well as the drummer and with Dubsey on guitar and Mark on bass they play rock n roll covers. Which gets folk dancing and having a good time. And they did, which was a real pleasure to see. I enjoyed their rock n roll version of Another Brick In The Wall a lot more than the original and there was a song towards the end with ‘language’ that they played brilliantly. They would be a great party band, and as this was a gig, in part, to celebrate my birthday, it worked. Even if Steve did forget my name in the dedication and so I became Enid for the night!

I know Russ from the Bristol Coeliac Group and had him pegged as a mild mannered, polite man. Discovering he had a past as a punk drummer was quite a pleasant revelation. As we talked about music and watched a drunken woman dance (and almost fall into the drum kit), I felt happy. This year long project/celebration is about the people who love playing music and the people who love hearing it. Thank you Redhouse for making me smile and enjoy the 2nd of my 40 gigs. Pubs in Fishponds are just as important in ensuring people get to enjoy live music as any arena.

2 down, 38 to go.


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