C Duncan. Thekla.

Never heard his music. One of my favourite Bristol venues.

A wonderful friend gifted me the ticket.I thought I was about to hear some gentle acoustic singer songwriter. What I heard was joyous 4 part harmony singing over shimmery music. It put a great big smile on my face and was a perfect way to start the 40 gigs adventure.

Big Jeff was there and as Bristol folk know, it’s always a good gig when Big Jeff is there.

The support, Stevie Parker was really good to, and as a Bristol native I shall endeavour to see her again as part of the 40 gigs. C Duncan and band are a handsome bunch. They all sing and play understated and beautiful music underneath those harmonies.

It was a great crowd, oldies and youngsters, respectful of the quiet numbers and joining in with the livelier ones.

I wish I’d dared to take my camera as the lighting was lush (particularly over the bassist). Maybe another day I’ll get to photograph C Duncan. For tonight it was enough to discover the music. The lovely, lovely music.

One down, 39 to go.



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