This year I turn 40. Everyone kept asking “what are you going to do?” and I didn’t have an answer. I’m not one for big parties. I didn’t want to travel on a special trip. My son suggested I had a bowling party, and a grown up version crossed my mind as a possibility.

Then I thought some more. And I decided what I want to do.

40 gigs. In my 40th year.

The last couple of years have been challenging; my Mum died, I’ve had 2 major surgeries and survived sepsis. For the first time in my adult life I am healthy and I really want to celebrate being alive and getting older. Music, live music, makes me feel more alive and connected than anything. Which is why I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my 40th birthday than this.

I’ll start, probably, with Elbow on March 9th and I’ve a ticket to Michael Kiwaunka a week before my actual birthday in May. And nothing else booked as yet. Leaving me needing 38 more gigs before 8th March 2018.

To achieve this  I am asking that kind folk like you buy me a ticket to a gig, any gig, or donate money to a fund I’ll set up for me to buy tickets/fund the travel that may be required. Any offers of transport or accommodation will also be gratefully received. I want this to be a shared experience so if you are planning on going to a gig, take me with you! I want to see old friends again and make new ones along the way.

I’ll travel – anywhere within Bristol for a start but Cardiff, Oxford, Exeter, London, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham are all achievable. I’d love to get to Scotland if I can for the legendary crowds. Big gigs, little gigs, known artists and surprises, I’m up for them all. I just want 40 gigs. Any style of music. Live music anywhere, anytime, any genre. I’d love to see you on my travels and share a gig with you.

There’ll be caveats of course, has to be Wednesday or Thursday night in Bristol (or Cardiff), every other Friday, Saturday or Sunday anywhere else and as I don’t drive within public transport reach (unless you are offering a lift as well!). I really can’t afford to fund this all on my own, and I know it’s a big ask, but its a big birthday and I want to see it in and out in style. A style all of my own. Will you join me in the musical journey of a lifetime?

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