Victoria Wood

Like many, I came out of work this afternoon to the news of Victoria Wood’s death. Shock. Disbelief. Then tears.

Victoria Wood made me laugh. She was a brilliant comedian with a gift for characterisation and observation. Go on, play the ballad of Barry & Freda. I’m listening to it now. Am still laughing. It always makes me laugh. Always. Even today when I’m crying about her death.

My Mum also loved Victoria Wood. We used to watch Dinnerladies together and laugh like drains. I took Mum to Acorn Antiques the Musical as a birthday treat. It was the last time we ever did something just the two of us. The last time I remember being happy with my Mum before Alzheimer’s stole her away slowly. We had seats way up in the gods and were laughing so hard we thought we would fall over into the balcony below. It was the original cast and it was just brilliant. It’s a wonderful memory and one that, today, makes me weep.

Wood & Walters, Acorn Antiques, Dinnerladies. All sublime. All full of talented women. Working class women. Women with accents. Women like me and my Mum. All being funny, ridiculous and human. There was a warmth and humanity to Victoria’s comedy that connected me to my Mum. To the rest of the audience. To her. Her comedy was sharp without being vicious.

I can’t write more. I’m laughing too hard listening to clips on YouTube. The tears are of laughter as well as sadness. A life that brought so much happiness to so many is one that was well lived.

Thank you Victoria Wood for being the bringer of joy and laughter to me, my Mum and so many others.