Mother’s Day (part one)

In the spirit of sisterhood I dedicate this Mother’s Day to;

Single Mothers. We freakin’ rock. Being a parent is hard enough without doing it alone.

Those who were not raised by mothers that loved them. Not everyone had a perfect start and to rise from a traumatic childhood where your Mum was not ideal takes a kind of strength and courage I can only admire.

Those who have Mums who died. Grief is mercurial, individual and impossible to truly describe at the best of times but when my Mum died I felt as if I lost a part of myself too. The death of the cradle of your life is a loss all its own.

Anyone who wants to be a Mum but isn’t. Mother’s Day must be another reminder  of all you want and don’t have.I don’t really have words, other than pull up a chair and talk to me, the kettles on.

All non traditional Mums, lesbian co-parents, step Mum’s, nursery workers and even teachers. You all mother, nurture and love. That’s all children need.

All women, who for whatever reason find today hard. Have a hug. Have a cuppa. Come and sit with me and cry on my shoulder.

It takes more than a womb to make a woman a mother (and sometimes not at all). Whatever, however you came to mother be proud and celebrate the love you share in all its forms and all its glory.







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